Kids room Contemporary style Virtual staging (KC_0022)

Natural materials, neutral colors and bright elements are a perfect choice for a child's room like this. The nursery has several zones, including a bed with a soft back, several pillows, and a sewn duvet. It is placed on a light patterned rug and has two woven baskets to keep toys nearby. The sleeping area has unique wallpapers showcasing some parts of the constructor and three open red shelves displaying ready-made creations. A zone by the window has a desk with A-shaped red legs, a soft red chair, and a curved blue lamp to keep the child busy studying or playing. On the other side of the room, there is a white cabinet with open and closed shelves for storage, a small wooden toy house, and a three-wheel bike to have fun too.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Contemporary

Color: White

Color: Red

Color: Blue

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