Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (DC_0015)

Some dining rooms are meant to impress, and this interior design probably has this role too. A traditional rectangular wooden table was placed on a rug with mixed white and blue shades, but the choice of luxurious white armchairs with metal bases and a bouquet of white flowers on the table have added extra charm. However, a more interesting solution was chosen for a serving area. The wall is adorned with 3D panels that have volume circles and ovals. The commode has an eye-catching striped facade and is decorated with a modern black-and-white piece of visual art in a black frame. The focal point of the space is naturally a floor lamp with a black lampshade and a red stand that looks like a woman's body. No wonder the accessories you can see on the commode also include books in red covers, a glass vase with red poppies, and white ceramic pieces that make it align with the dining area too.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Contemporary

Color: White

Color: Red

Color: Brown

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