Living-Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (LDM_0007)

This modern living-dining room is light and airy, but it has intense red elements that pop up this interior and fill it with energy. A light spacious sofa with contrasting cushions is placed on a light gray piled rug. It is accompanied by a small cylinder side table that holds a lamp, a curved floor lamp from the other side, and two black-and-white art objects hanging on the wall. The TV zone located opposite it is designed in contrasting shades too: a black TV is hanging above a modern white commode with lots of accessories. This neutral color palette is diversified with a bright red armchair with cylinder elements and a matching puff as well as two glass coffee tables with eye-catching golden legs too.
The dining area is light and spacious too. There is a traditional rectangular table with x-shaped legs surrounded by elegant white chairs. The focal point of this space is a lovely bouquet of red flowers standing in the center of the table.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Red

Color: Brown

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