Living-Dining room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LDS_0009)

Natural shades and materials are the main characteristics of this living room with a separate dining area. There is a military green sofa with matching and contrasting cushions, a massive marble coffee table, a light modern armchair, and a rattan bench with raised ends in the center of the living area. All these things have been placed on a patterned rug of the shade that you can see in the art objects and other decorative elements. The dining area stands out thanks to its pure white table on the thick leg and elegant gray chairs around it. The abundance of light and a pastel beige carpet make it much more airy and spacious, while green plants used for decor fill this space with freshness.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Brown

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