Kids room Modern style Virtual staging (KM_0021)

This room seems to belong to a grown-up child who studies at high school. There are only a few toys, while the majority of furniture pieces are modern and characteristic of adult spaces. There is a large dark-green bed with gray decorative pieces placed on a round white rug with blue and brown curves. It is combined with metal stool-like bedside tables and a pair of puffs with soft white tops. The working space is represented by a simple desk with drawers, a modern red chair, and a lamp standing next to it. The area opposite the bed is enhanced with a modern storage unit that has open shelves and a variety of different staff. The accessories and decor of this room are quite extravagant including colorful modern art objects above the bed, books, statuettes, and lots of greenery.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Modern

Color: Green

Color: Grey

Color: Orange

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