Home Office room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (OS_0004)

The majority of Scandinavian interiors are characterized by simplicity, but not this one. There are so many details and unpredictable things you can hardly find anywhere else. There is a massive wooden desk with A-shaped legs that have shelves and an elegant chair with cone legs and a rounded white seat. This furniture stands on a triangle patterned rug dominated by pastel colors with inclusions of several blue elements. The wall is adorned with tender net shelves and an art object in bright blue shelves. The last one has so many interesting items including everything from books and boxes to ceramics and crafts. The desk is adorned with a stylish black lamp, aroma sticks, and tinted glass vases with green branches. A palm tree in the black pot fills this place with energy and freshness.

Room purpose: Home Office

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

Color: White

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