Living-Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (LDC_0025)

This contemporary style living-dining room combines modern elegance and comfort. The center of the living room is a bright brown coffee table of four squares with a glass niche in the center, on which delicate white orchids are located, adding a touch of freshness and sophistication to the space. A beige sofa, adorned with throw pillows and a cozy gray blanket, sits against the wall and provides a cozy place to relax. Above the sofa, a charming painting of mountains shrouded in mist adds depth and intrigue to the room. In the dining area, the centerpiece is a rectangular table with a brown wood top and a sleek metal base. A simple saucer of pears adds a subtle yet elegant touch to the dining setting, inviting guests to come together and enjoy a shared meal and conversation. Together, these elements create a harmonious living-dining room that embodies сontemporary style and comfort.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: Red

Color: Brown

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