Living-Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (LDM_0009)

How to combine a bright dining area with a rather neutral living zone? The answer is to add a couple of eye-catching elements to a rather traditional color palette. This living zone has got a gray sofa, two matching puffs, and a couple of two modern armchairs that surround two metal coffee tables with a silver and golden finish each. There are two art objects: one is red and one is black-and-white above a sofa and a lovely dressing zone with a white commode and a mirror in the golden frame too.
A dining area combines a neutral shade of chairs with soft seats with a large orange table. It is adorned with flowers, extra light sources, and lots of other decorative items that create a pleasant atmosphere.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Red

Color: Grey

Color: White

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