Bedroom Transitional style Virtual staging (BT_0023)

An interior designer has divided this bedroom into two parts: a sleeping zone in a neutral chocolate shade and a rest zone designed in light gray palette. They are united by one wooden flooring covered with a light gray rug. A fabulous brown bed standing on it has a large soft headboard adorned with three buttons. It is adorned with orange and black blankets and a matching pillow. This set has been placed in a dark brown background of the wall with wooden panels and plain elements. Even bedside tables have a beautiful dark bronze shade with a glossy finish accentuated with two standing lamps of golden tone. A zone for relaxation has a wide light gray armchair enhanced with a brown cushion and a dark blanket. It is paired up with a side table of the barrel shape and two examples of modern graphics.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Transitional

Color: Orange

Color: Grey

Color: Brown

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