Living Room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LS_0010)

Would you like to take a piece of nature to your living room? It is possible in Scandinavian interiors that use natural materials and neutral earthy tones like this living room. White walls and a light wooden flooring create lots of space for creativity. One of the walls is partially covered with wooden panels and lit at the top and bottom. Similar lines can be also seen on the beige carpet that serves as a base for a square wooden table with a thick massive leg. The last one is surrounded by several other key furniture pieces like a light spacious sofa with patterned cushions, two three-layered puffs with a wooden base, and an armchair with net sides and a brown seat adorned with a cushion too. The TV zone is emphasized with a wooden stand on thin metal legs and a cylinder light standing beside the armchair. The opposite wall is enhanced with two art objects in thin wooden frames, while a pleasant atmosphere is created thanks to the greenery in the vase and pot.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Brown

Color: Black

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