Home Office room Modern style Virtual staging (OM_0003)

It is traditional to see a kind of mess in the offices, so this design has been developed to underline this working space peculiarity. It seems that many objects in this interior are overlapping each other. A simple black desk has the second white layer with drawers that holds a computer. A picture behind the computer screen that depicts irregular curves is combined with a metal stand with glass sides and three boxes under the desk used for extra storage. All these things are designed in black and white shades with bright burgundy inclusions of the elegant chair, books with red covers, and a tinted red vase with a tender bouquet of flowers. All these things have been placed on a simple gray carpet and lit with a stylish floor lamp. A potted palm tree fills the space with air and life too.

Room purpose: Home Office

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Red

Color: Black

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