Living Room Transitional style Virtual staging (LT_0006)

Turquoise and different shades of blue can make any interior more appealing and comforting. This living room is an example of this approach where a light gray sofa has been adorned with a silk blanket and cushions of several beautiful shades of blue and patterns. The end black table beside this sofa holds a lamp with a blue body, and there are two art pieces with bluish shades on the wall too. Even a glass two-layered coffee table reflects the blue sky and objects in the room being an integral part of the cohesive design. However, these aren't the only hues used in this living room. A beige carpet has a pattern of brown curves, and this color combination can be also seen in a puff where a golden ring divides the body into a light top and a dark bottom. The same goes for a stand in the TV zone where dark wooden sides are combined with a pure white top.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Transitional

Color: Grey

Color: Green

Color: Brown

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