Kids room Modern style Virtual staging (KM_0018)

This nursery design focuses on the combination of colors and patterns as well as provides enough open space for a child to play. It has a classic white bed leaning the wall with a square pattern and is adorned with a poster of favorite cartoon heroes. There is a transparent plastic bedside table next to it that is combined with a mirror and holds books and a toy reindeer too. The focal point of the room is a bright round rug with a bear head in the green background. It repeats the color palette of the commode with smooth lines and decorative pieces lying on it. The area next to the window is dedicated to relaxation where a child can sit in a cozy armchair with his/her legs resting on the stool. A potted palm tree growing next to it fills the room with freshness, while toys lying on the floor remind that this is a kids room, first of all.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Orange

Color: Green

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