Bedroom Modern style Virtual staging (BM_0014)

Blue is known for its calming effect, but its role in this bedroom seems to be a little different.
It is paired with a neutral palette, so it produces a soothing and calming effect as well as adds a fresh feeling to the room too.
All shades of blue in the bed padding, puffs, and a picture are different, but their combination leads to a streamlined monochromatic color scheme.
They look gorgeous next to an exclusive white bedside table and glossy chest of drawers.
A circle shape of the puffs is repeated on the wall with an artistic object that reminds the moon shading.
All this creates an airy and pleasant feel, while a standing glass lamp and hanging lights fill the room with warmth and comfort.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Black

Color: Blue

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