Bedroom Modern style Virtual staging (BM_0045)

This Modern bedroom exudes a bright yet serene atmosphere thanks to bright tones and shades of green. The bed sits on a large light rectangular rug and has a vibrant green headboard that exudes elegance and charm. Next to the bed is a unique green arch-shaped pouf that gives the space a whimsical feel. To the left of the bed, on a long rectangular nightstand, there is a vase with an intriguing green plant and a white figurine, adding artistic charm to the room. Two ceiling lights hang low above the bed, their golden halos illuminating the room with a warm and inviting light. An irregularly shaped mirror hanging on the wall adds depth and dimension to the space, creating an enchanting ambiance. This Modern bedroom combines vibrant elements with artistic flair, offering a tranquil retreat filled with character and style.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Modern

Color: White

Color: Green

Color: Grey

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