Kids room Contemporary style Virtual staging (KC_0013)

A nursery room for a little star probably should look as follows! A spacious bed in soft white padding takes the central part in the room and faces a personal working area with an elegant 2-drawer table, mustard chair, and a bookshelf that adds clear lines to this space. The celebrity status of a young owner is accentuated by the choice of metallic shades. There is a golden rack, lovely bedside tables with a pretty decor, and a designer puff with eye-catching golden legs. The emptiness of the wall was diluted with contemporary art while funny pink wall-mounted sconces add charm and exclusiveness. The tree makes the atmosphere more vivacious while books, toys, and hand-made items remind who is the owner of the room!

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: Yellow

Color: Pink

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