Bedroom Contemporary style Virtual staging (BC_0030)

This bedroom has a contemporary design in light beige shades with a special New Year atmosphere. The central part is taken by a king-sized bed. The last one has a large soft headboard with a geometric pattern that covers half of the wall. It serves as a canvas for lovely bedside tables of the ivory shade that are adorned with lampshades, a glass vase with flowers, and other small items. A matching suede banquette also has a lined pattern and is adorned with a blanket, tiny cushion, and a large white book. The focal point of the room is a rug of the chocolate shade and a matching blanket on the bed. The main decor of this bedroom is a gentle light New Year tree, a matching wreath, and sizable presents in the same color palette.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: Yellow

Color: Pink

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