Dining room Transitional style Virtual staging (DT_0016)

Power, depth, and elegance are three main characteristics of this interior design that combines the beauty of tradition and the attraction of modernity. An impressive dark blue rug is a perfect choice to showcase classy furniture, including a stunning round table with a thick massive top and a charming golden leg that combines several circles of different sizes. Even chairs standing around it have exclusive features like thick soft seats, double back holders, and pointed legs with metal ends. The center of the table is enhanced with a luxurious flower composition in a royal golden vase. The cabinet at the wall has the same shade as a table and holds a variety of dishware and accessories required for a pleasant time. There are also two art pieces that combine basic shades of this interior and make it cohesive and atmospheric.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Transitional

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

Color: Brown

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