Living Room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LS_0009)

Scandinavian interiors may lack bright colors, so a designer decided to correct this mistake with eye-catching elements of the emerald shade in this living room. A light rounded sofa looks traditional with soft cylinder puffs with wooden bases, a round beige rug, and a wooden coffee table of the same shape. However, a bold idea of the designer allowed to enhance this interior with an exclusive curved armchair, lush plant greenery, and abstract art objects on the wall. The last ones have a wide combination of shapes and colors some of which remind the dark shade of the stand with a unique facade. All these interesting solutions have been combined with the same extraordinary decor like dried plants in vases of non-traditional forms, a lamp with a transparent shade, and a white box with unknown purpose!

Room purpose: Living

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Brown

Color: Green

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