Living Room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LS_0023)

Many designers like to impress with one or a couple of details if they choose a calm neutral color palette for a room. No wonder this living room with a light gray wall shade, a matching sofa, a marble side table and a light rug has acquired an arch-shaped wall decor with a mirror. It reflects the TV zone with a light commode and a glass coffee table with thick white legs. Looking around you can also see a modern white armchair with streamlined details, a soft rounded gray puff, and a modern art piece hanging on the wall. The decor of this living room is elegant and non-intrusive including cushions of the copper shade, a dark gray blanket, different ceramic and glass objects, as well as fresh greenery and lots of books.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Grey

Color: White

Color: Orange

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