Bedroom Scandinavian style Virtual staging (BS_0009)

A minimum amount of colors is the main feature of this bedroom. It is dominated by natural and light hues that add dimension, and you can spot lots of textures there too. Crumpled linen, several layers of blankets not only on the bed but also on a banquette, a patterned hand-made carpet, and elements made of natural wood add warmth and comfort. An armchair with extra light and a lovely coffee table is a perfect place for reading or looking through a magazine. But a special atmosphere of this bedroom has been created by the decor. A succulent in the glass vase, black and white prints in simple frames on the walls, and a pile of books make an impression of a cozy and at the same time functional space.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Yellow

Color: Black

Color: White

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