Dining room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (DMС_0016)

Green is a color of energy and helps to increase appetite, so its choice for a dining room is exceptional. No wonder this round table with a white top has received a thick green base. Standing on a bright round carpet with different shades of green, it creates a special atmosphere in combination with modern art objects depicting pears in white and green colors. However, despite bold decisions about the arrangement of modern items, there are also a couple of furniture pieces that seem to have come from the past. These sturdy wooden chairs with circular backs as well as a massive wooden commode with a unique facade with circles in small squares add charm and classy feel to this space too. Naturally, it is impossible to imagine the comfort of a dining room without green plants standing in a vase.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Brown

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