We know that everyone is striving for a professional impression these days, which is why we provide our clients with the best virtual staging.
Whether you're looking to get a home listed as quickly as possible or want an edge over other realtors in your area, RoomRoom.io can make it happen!
All in one solution. Fast and easy process — Simple, uncomplicated process
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RoomRoom.io is a service provided by Spotless Agency, the leading name in virtual staging for real estate. We create perfectly staged images - but not all agents can afford our full service, and we often receive emails from agents looking for the same quality but settle for cheaper alternatives.
That's why we've created RoomRoom.io - the same quality at a lower price!
For those agents who want to get fast results without needing to spend time communicating with our managers
You simply want your photos preparing, and that's precisely what we do. It's a lower price than the traditional service provided by Spotless Agency and has a large number of furniture sets to choose from. RoomRoom.io is a super-fast service!
The 5 most popular design styles in virtual staging
Low price - only $29 per perfectly stage photo
Same/Next business day delivery
Easy process without registration
Same quality as our main service - Spotless Agency
Suitable only for vacant listing photos
394 furniture options - and it's growing every day!
Each room in a home has a different purpose - eating, sleeping, getting together with family and friends. Choose the proper purpose to create the perfect image.
RoomRoom.io has the perfect virtual interior design for you.
We make your real estate offers more exciting to buyers by using our virtual staging for realtors software - you don't need a virtual staging app, you just need RoomRoom.io.
About RoomRoom.io
Virtual staging for realtors made simple - fast results, an online project process, and the same great images you've come to expect.